TRS Tool Providers Partner Program

Tax Rebate Services specialises in Tool Tax Rebates for vehicle technicians and mechanics. This is a completely legitimate tax relief that is allowed on any tools and equipment bought for work use that is classed as capital under the capital allowances legislation. We can also claim tax relief on the interest part of payments made under a finance agreement, uniform laundry, and fees into the IMI.

Unfortunately, thousands of car industry workers are still missing out on getting their money back because they simply don’t know - and that’s just not fair.

How Tax Rebate Services can help

We see tool providers as the perfect bridge between your tool buying customers and our expert service. Together we can reunite your customers with their overpaid tax money. All you have to do is distribute our tool tax rebate claim pack and after we have received our forms returned we thank you with a £30 referral reward.

Since 2002 we have worked with tool dealers from across the spectrum of the industry; from independent local providers, to MAC and Snap on. All have enjoyed considerable success with our Partnership scheme.

Positives for tool dealers:

  • Valuable, unique ‘extra’ in your customer service offering. ‘Good will’ goes such a long way to cementing your loyal client base.
  • A substantial tax rebate cheque means more money to spend on your tools.
  • £30 referral fee per client – multiply that by the number of customers and you’ve got a nice little earner.

What you have to do

As the tool dealer, your only part in the process is to hand out our tool rebate claim pack - that really is it.

Your customer becomes our client when they return the completed forms to us. That is all they have to do, we take their claim from there.

After we’ve checked the forms, we send out your referral reward. You can usually expect this within 2 business days.

About Tax Rebate Services

Tax Rebate Services is a long-established limited company with an enviable reputation. We keep the process of applying for a tax rebate very simple for our clients. They just need to provide us with initial information and we do everything else on their behalf. Only fully qualified, professionally regulated accountants work on tax rebate submissions, which is why we have 98% success rate and the average tool tax rebate we secure is over £900.

How to join the TRS Tool Provider Partner Program

All you have to do is get in touch by calling 01228 520477 or emailing After we have some essential contact information – we need to know where to send your referral rewards! We’ll send you your first batch of tool tax rebate claim packs. You can start giving them out to your customers as soon as they arrive.